Spiritual Wall Tapestry
Spiritual Wall Tapestry

Spiritual Wall Tapestry

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Sacred Geometry/ Sun, Moon and Spiritual Wall Tapestry

Bring spiritual vibes and moon energy into your home with this beautiful wall tapestry.

Sacred Geometry is used to open up pathways and doorways to the infinite realms, aswell as to the connection to the oneness of all life. Sacred Geometry brings about healing, harmonising and rebalancing on all levels. It connects the inner and outer, uniting all.

Following the cycles of the moon can be profoundly life changing. Manifest the life you desire by bringing these vibes into your space and remember to honour the cycles of the moon!

Comes in 3 Sizes;

150x 130cm
150x 150cm
150x 200cm

Comes in two designs photo 1 or photo 2