Outcreating Malevolence; Kindness is Cool

Outcreating Malevolence; Kindness is Cool

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Malevolence is harbouring ill will towards others and it is evil. When your doing this your actually doing anti-consciousness and this will have the reverse affect and actually destroy you & your business 🤩

It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It does not work and it cannot work!💓

In this reality we are taught to do judgement, competition and jealousy. It is about survival of the fittest but does this energy truly contribute?🤩

How can you outcreate this energy and not allow the projections of other people to frighten you or destroy you? 💓

How can you be kind and outcreate judgment and competition and contribute to one another with the energy of gifting and receiving?🤩

Will this new way of being actually expand your receiving, your money flows and your business? 💓

Join me for this 90 mins Zoom call on Wednesday 18th May at 7.30pm 🤩

The recording of this call is available after the date if you would like to purchase 

The Call is £30 and you will be sent a Zoom link upon purchase