Jealousy…Are you going to let them stop you or are you going to outcreate them?

Jealousy…Are you going to let them stop you or are you going to outcreate them?

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Jealousy is an energy I’m super aware of as an empath. Being an empath means my first language is energy so I can pick it up when it is being projected at me. For years I used to let this stop me creating because my point of view was that these energies could destroy me if I became too visible or successful. I was also a people pleaser of magnitude and didn’t want to piss people off so I destroyed my own life in order not to have this energy projected at me and so people felt sorry for me instead. 

I also used to buy into the lie of jealousy and competition because that is how we are taught to outcreate each other in this reality. We are pitted against each other from a young age and most people are not happy when something good happens for you. 

When I came across the tools of Access Consciousness I realised that jealousy is a distractor implant and is not real, true or relevant…it’s just an energy which you can witness and choose not to engage in. I now know that I don’t have to resist and react to these energies and they absolutely can’t destroy me unless I choose it. I also know that I will never let the projections of other people to stop me ever again because I no longer care about pleasing people or what they think of me…not from a place of anger but potency.

Jealousy is just someone else’s interesting point of view and somewhere they function from. If you make yhese energies greater than you as a being then it will affect your money flows, business, relationships and body because your point of view creates your reality. 

This call will be using the tools of Access Consciousness to clear this energy which can sometimes be overwhelming and toxic. What if you didn’t take that on anymore? 
Jealousy is just an energy looking for a target so what if you no longer bought the lie of jealousy? 

Do you get jealous of other people? What if this is not yours and your just perceiving the energy from this reality and making it yours, real, true and relevant?

What if you get out the cesspool of this reality and how everyone else is creating and began creating your life from the infinite possibilities of the universe? 

This call will allow you to get vulnerable about this subject which is often not addressed and is a safe space where you can be facilitated from a space of no judgement and kindness 

I invite you… let’s outcreate this shit and become happy, successful, rich and abundant and inspire others to operate from a different space of creation instead of jealousy 

A Zoom link will be sent out when you purchase the call

Call will be on Monday 25th July at 8pm-9.15pm  U.K. time  🤩🤩