How to Become Money; 10 Week Course

How to Become Money; 10 Week Course

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What if you were willing to receive unlimited amounts of money?

Did you Know that you are made up of energy and molecules; the same as the stars, the moon, the sky, other planets, other dimensions and other universes? Did you know you have a capacity to create whatever you desire? It’s only our limiting points of view, judgements and conclusions we have about money & wealth  which we’ve picked up from this reality, the way it functions and other people which stops us from generating and receiving money. Our points of view create our reality! 

Money is also just an energy like us…. It is just molecules…So what if you can invite unlimited amounts of money into your life by clearing all the limitations, judgements, points of views, conclusions and decisions around it? If you go into nature there is a wealth & abundance because there is no such thing as lack or judgment there. What if you can invite the same energy of creation and generation with money which you find in nature. This  is a 10 week course where we will be using the tools of Access Consciousness to up your levels of receiving and go beyond contextual reality into infinite possibilities with money! Gary Douglas says if you go through the money workbook 100 times your whole reality with money will change!

The calls will take place on Zoom once a week starting Wednesday 20th July- Wednesday 21st September at 7.30pm Uk time

Lets change our realities with 💰 money and what else is possible!