About Alchemy Vibes

About Natalie 

Hi my name is Natalie. I am a Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Tarot Reader, Access Bars Facilitator, Angel Energy Therapist, Theta Healer, Life Coach & Massage therapist. I absolutely love working with the cycles of the moon and facilitating Full Moon Healing Circles. My work as a Holistic Therapist has given me extensive knowledge and experience of the subtle workings of the body and mind and working with energy. I started practicing in wellness 14 years ago after suffering with acute depression, trauma & addictions my whole life. I have completely healed myself using various tools and now my passion is to help other people to develop a holistic approach to well-being. My aim is to assist you in going beyond the judgements, conclusions and limitations of this reality and show you how to create an abundant joy filled life with ease. What are the infinite possibilities available to you for creating a life beyond your wildest dreams?


How I Started

I started Alchemy Vibes because I wanted to share with you the healing power of creating a greater space in the home that will allow you the freedom to achieve everything you desire. Everything at Alchemy Vibes is ethically sourced and hand picked to help you achieve your self care goals. Creating a greater space in your  environment , working with crystals, aromatherapy, divination tools & Angel Cards can aid in calming down the nervous system & increase well-being. Having these things around us in our daily lives can be very grounding for our energy. The language of energy is not spoken about in this reality but we all know what it’s like to sense things, feel overwhelmed or stressed.
These energies impact our bodies, thoughts, feelings & emotions. I work with the principles of Feng Shui which states that creating a sense of peace in your environment can have a direct impact on your internal world. My ask is that Alchemy Vibes can facilitate peace & well-being around the globe. What would creating a greater space in your home create in your life? 

Hundreds of products

From something that will add to your own personal style to transformative products for both the self and home, my products will help you focus, de-stress and feel more calm. From my own experience of healing and recovery, I hand-pick the items here so that you can be sure of their value and worth. I hope you find what you are looking for. 


The Alchemy Community

Sometimes we all need a little guidance, a nudge in the right direction. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to the spiritual side of life, or you just want to know more about the paths available to you, knowledge is power. In these articles, I explore a rich variety of subjects that are particular to my experiences and that can provide inspiration to others.