Private Sessions & Classes With Natalie

How are you beautiful being? My name is Natalie and I am an Access Consciounsess Certified Facilitator, Bars Facilitator & Body Process Facilitator. I also do Reiki, Tarot Reading, Angel Oracle Card Readings, Aromatouch Massage, Theta Healing & Life Coaching! 

Training in these modalities and working with clients all over the world for the last 14 years has given me extensive knowledge and experience of the subtle workings of the body and mind and working with energy. 

My own healing journey began in 2007 when I went into treatment to get clean from heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol addictions. I'd been on the streets for ten years, my life was a hot mess and my brain and body was absolutely battered. I was desperate for change but didn't know how to live my life without a substance.

After getting clean and sober I was deeply troubled and un-happy and worked hard to overcome my demons.  I suffered with eating disorders and was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and Bi-Polar (a severe form of anxiety and depression manifesting as other symptoms such as paranoia and psychosis). I was very thin skinned and found it un-bearable to be around other people.

 I couldn't function because of these symptoms and I tried everything to overcome them.

I was on heavy doses of anti-psychotic medications and anti-depressants which I had never managed to reduce without ending up in a psychiatric unit. I was assured if I kept going and using holistic therapies I could change it...and I did. I went to every class out there which felt light to take and met facilitators who gave me tools and empowered me with caring and nurturing to change it.

Since then I have managed to come off all medications and drugs with hardly any side-effects.  Now I have transformed my own darkness I want to show others out there who are suffering that change is absolutely possible and miracles CAN happen!

My past has enabled me to now empower other people to take charge of their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  I love Energy Work and using these tools that have saved my life. I have been able to destroy all of the trauma which was living in the cells of my body and no longer live my life functioning from the limiting structures, judgements and points of view of other people and this reality. This has given me so much freedom, expanse, joy and space as I live and create my life from the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

After feeling suicidal for nearly two decades with a plan to end my life I now wake up feeling a sense of excitement, joy and gratitude. This has given me the space to be and to create who I truly am as I have accessed a brand new space of being in the world without my history defining me or my future. I now CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY and JOYFUL, making the impossible possible in my life day after day, month after month and year after year. So…How can I contribute to your life and happiness beautiful being? What else is possible and How can I contribute to your success?

If you want a bit of this and to have plenty of fun in the process then book a class with me! What are you waiting for!  I work from my space in Hampstead in London & also offer Distance Sessions as energy has no limitations of time and space 

I have a direct but gentle approach and my aim is to assist you in going beyond the judgements, conclusions and limitations of this reality and show you how to create an abundant joy filled life with ease. What are the infinite possibilities available to you for creating a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Love and infinite contributions