What Celebrating the Moon Can Do For You

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Tuning to the phases of the moon is something that many people have heard about, but few have put into practice. The moon has held many people’s attention for centuries and with good reason. Linked to the tides, sleep, energy and a host of other factors, it’s no wonder that people have felt comfort and structure from placing themselves in sync with the phases of our celestial neighbour.

Manifestation is something that has helped me cope with some of life’s toughest challenges, but many people use the moon to manifest and focus on different aspects of their lives. This could be anything from changing behaviour, to dealing with stressful situations at home or at work, or simply to have peace within themselves.

Following the cycles of the moon is easy, a lunar calendar can tell you what phase it is in, but truly connecting takes effort and focus. 

That said, your desires don’t simply arrive overnight, they take time, and you must trust that timing. Tuning in to the phases of the moon provides a framework to turn to on a regular basis. It can empower you to find peace and understanding in your daily life. 

One of the best ways to connect with the moon and start harnessing its energy is with a moon ritual. 

Sacred moon rituals are an ancient practice that originated in old civilisations such as Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China, where moon worship was a part of the culture and the deities that people gave tribute to. The phases of the moon influence the growth or decline of plants, animals, and human life. Therefore, seeking out the moonlight was seen as a sacred part of every cycle.

Today, moon rituals carry just as much importance and bring an ancient and spiritual practice straight into the modern world. It’s something that many people crave, something away from the glow of a phone screen or flickering television set.

One brilliant aspect of moon rituals is that they demand silence. They ask you to concentrate, forsake distraction and embrace intention. It focuses the mind unlike anything else.

And while there are 8 phases of the moon, the most potent phases are the new moon and the full moon. Here at Alchemy Vibes, we provide the means to investigate this side of yourself, our full and new moon products offer what you need to start, but if you want to learn more, then get in touch and we can explain the various phases of the moon, what you need to understand and how to best approach this peaceful, natural way of focusing the mind and body.

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