What Can Tarot Do For Your Intuition?

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There’s a myth out there, perpetuated and encouraged by Hollywood and decades of misconceptions that tarot is simply a carnival trick, a cheap and quick dalliance with reading the future. If you really get to know tarot cards, they can really prove to be a way of uncovering more about yourself than you think. 

By following some simple steps with your own deck, you can connect with otherwise dormant parts of the self and can prove to be a great help when manifesting what you want from your future. After all, you are the keeper of your destiny; everything else is simply an aid along the way.

So what do tarot cards hold if you ignore the stereotypes? Away from the sinister occult and more geared towards the spiritual side, a reading can not only provide guidance but can switch the mind towards thinking about things in the broader perspective. 

A daily reading can give you a routine, a place from which to plan your day, remind you of spiritual goals and keep you grounded. Far from being a final, decisive prediction of the future, a reading can be interpreted according to a set of established interpretations or taken as a trigger for ensuring you remain on the right path. 

Straying from a spiritual path, be that one where you try and think objectively about your soul, spirit or reason to live or whether that is a manifestation to avoid addiction and damaging behaviours, can feel like you’ve slipped up. Having some sort of structure that supports and reinforces your world view and mindset can work wonders. Like many people make notes or aide memoires for their professional life or the way students surround themselves with information prior to examinations, tarot can be a guiding principle or simply a reminder to think about yourself through the day. It really is up to your own comfort and interpretation.

The various cards can show you a host of possibilities, from giving you some basis for decision-making to reminding you to avoid certain paths of thought. Using them daily for spiritual guidance is just one of the ways to make use of the medium, but there are other ways to utilise the practice too. Nothing is stopping you from using them specifically to guide your decisions when it comes to love, your career, your interrelationships with others, or to give you a crutch on which to lean in difficult or challenging situations.

If you’d like to know more about how to access the often transformative power of tarot, then get in touch with us today. We can discuss a reading, how to use them for your own manifestations and guidance and more.

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